UNIVERSAL (Pair) Dual-Tilt shaft MOTOR SUPPORT Verado's and Mercury V10, Made In The USA, Raveling Outdoors, LLC

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Universal m-y wedge

The Universal m-y wedge fits single-ram, power tilt outboards and has a lot of the same benefits of the 3-ram m-y wedge.  Uses the main tilt rod on the lower unit.

The Universal m-y wedge unit pops or clicks into place over the main tilt rod and when you tilt the outboard down, it compresses the rubber for a cushioned stable platform.  It's only five inches long, so it fits in any boat storage compartment. 


UV Protected. Saltwater Safe.


Works on:

Dual-RAM tilt outboards.

Mercury Verado (ALL Dual Ram) uses 2 Universal units.

Mercury V10  Uses 2 Universal units.

Mercury Verado V4 uses m-y wedge 3-ram unit.   Click here